IGCSE harder than CBSE

Is it hard to pass IGCSE?

To begin with, every parent wants to give their child the best quality education, whichever board it is. And while many keep pondering over the vast curriculums, extremely tough exams, and many other things, it is really important to note that, no matter which board you choose, hard work and persistence goes without saying to make it to the top in your academics. 

IGCSE is comparatively a new board in India. And many parents are still wondering whether to opt for it or not. There are many on-going debates online that make it all the more difficult for parents to make a perfect decision for their child, based on all the content available online.

Well, owing to its highly rigorous methodologies, IGCSE board is considered as an extremely tough exam, as compared to the other national and international boards.

Another question that almost every parent considering to opt for IGCSE board faces is whether. The IGCSE board is hard and difficult to pass or is it easy compared to other boards.

Also, one needs to remember that the IGCSE board can be hard for only those who really do not wish to put in the desired efforts or work towards their desired goals.

Let us dive a bit deeper into what the IGCSE is all about, its syllabus, the pros and cons of opting for this board and much more to give you a fair idea and help you make the right decision for you child.

What is IGCSE Board?

The IGCSE stands for International General Certification of Secondary Education. It is recognized by the United Kingdom and its medium is English. It is developed by the University of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE).

This board offers you more than 70 subjects and 30 languages (to choose from). Students can opt for a minimum of 5 subjects and maximum 14 subjects based on their areas of interest. 

The curriculum of IGCSE board

Considering its global acceptance, the IGCSE board does not have a prescribed syllabus. The syllabus is highly flexible in nature, giving students the freedom to excel in their areas of interest. 

Also, the curriculum is designed to offer rich content that would help in the overall development of students. 

It follows a very rigorous curriculum because it focuses on the practical aspects of learning. And students are required to focus on the core of the topics along with conceptual understanding of the same. And yes, it does require the students to put in tremendous efforts to acquire the best grades. 

The core subjects of IGCSE board include:

  • 1st language
  • 2nd language
  • Mathematics
  • 1 or multiple subjects in Science

Advantages and Disadvantages of the IGCSE board

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the IGCSE board will certainly give you the best knowledge of what the board is all about and whether you should opt for it or not for your child’s better future.


  • The IGCSE board is recognized all over the globe owing to its international curriculum and acceptance. 
  • It follows a very flexible curriculum that helps students to focus exactly on the subjects they are actually interested in and discard the ones that they find extremely difficult to fathom.
  • Also, it offers a wide range of subjects, close to 70 subjects to give students a wide array of topics to choose from based on their personal interest.
  • It follows a content-rich programme that embeds an investigative and a more problem-solving nature  in students.
  • Despite being internationally oriented, it also lays emphasis on its local relevance.
  • It is certainly the best board to consider if you want your child to pursue his or her higher studies abroad.  


  • The fees for this board are slightly on the expensive side as compared to the other boards.
  • There are very few schools to choose from which offer the IGCSE board.
  • Books are not easily available.
  • It becomes extremely difficult to shift to other boards if you are required to.
  • And coaching also doesn’t come easily.

Now, considering all the above points, the IGCSE board is definitely a good option to choose for your child, and despite its rigorous curriculum and detail-oriented approach, it makes a huge difference to your child’s overall development. 

Considering the last point listed in the disadvantages of the IGCSE board, these days, there have been many more coaching institutes coming forward with the best and highly qualified trainers who know exactly how to deal with the subjects and help students excel in their goals in this board.

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