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Some of our Achievers


Name : Aadhya Gavli
Grade : 10th IGCSE
Year : Feb - March 2023
School : Billabong international School
Result : A* in ICT, Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology

Name : Akshay Kumbhal
Grade : 10th IGCSE
Year : Feb - March 2023
School : JBCN international School
Result : A* in Maths, Accounts, Economics , Business studies

Year : Feb-March 2022
School : SVKM international School
Result : A* in Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi, English, Maths, Physics, Business Studies

Year : Feb - March 2022
School : Dr. Pillai Global Academy
Result : A* in ICT, English, Chemistry, Physics, Hindi, Business studies and Maths

Year: Feb – March 2022
School: Mainadevi Bajaj International School
Result: A* in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Business Studies (BS)


Name: Shubh Gaonkar
Year: May - June 2023
School: Singapore international School
Result: Maths AI - (HL) - Score 7
Physics (HL) - Score 6
Economics (SL) - Score 7

Name: Arjun Mehta
Year: May - June 2023
School: Poddar International School
Result: Maths AA (HL) - Score 7
Chemistry (HL) - Score 7
Psychology (SL) - Score 6

Name : Liston D’souza
Year : May-June 2022
School : JV Parekh International School
Result : Economics (HL) – Score 7, Business Management (HL) – Score 7,Biology (SL) – Score 6

Name : Bhargavi Mhatre
Year : May-June 2022
School : Singapore International School
Result : Maths (HL) – Score 7, Physics (HL) – Score 7, Chemistry (SL) – Score 6

Name:  Soham Kadam
Year: May – June 2022
School: JBCN International School
Result: Physics (HL) – Score 6,
Economics (HL) – Score 6,
Chemistry (SL) – Score 6

‘A’ Level

Name : Harsh Wadhwa
Grade : ‘A’ Level
Year : Feb - March 2023
School : Poddar international School
Result : A* Maths , Accounts , Economics , Business Studies and ICT

Name : Divyanshu Sharma
Grade : ‘A’ Level
Year : Feb - March 2023
School : JBCN international School
Result : A* Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Name :Nirmit Kothari
Year : Feb - March 2022
School :DG khaitan international school
Result : A* in Maths, Physics & Chemistry

Name :Vidhi shah
Year : Feb - March 2022
School : Utpal Sanghvi international school
Result :A* in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, ICT and English

Name : Rishik Talwar
Year : Feb - March 2022
School : JBCN international school
Result :A* Maths, Accounts, Economics & CS

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About Us

International programmes like IB and IGCSE focus on developing skills like problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, agility and adaptability, collaboration and leadership, which are crucial for employment and employment ability. Quality education for IB and the best IGCSE classes in Mumbai requires quality coaching and being the leading providers as the best IGCSE classes in Mumbai and best ‘A’ Level tuition classes in Mumbai, we at Wisdom Academy, have the perfect blend of experience for best IGCSE classes in Mumbai and expertise that ensures our students get nothing but the highest quality education.

IGCSE, IB & ‘A’ Level Classes in Andheri & Borivali



Unlock your potential with Wisdom Academy’s IGCSE coaching in Mumbai. A tailored curriculum, expert faculty, and interactive methods to ensure comprehensive subject understanding. Small class sizes provide personalized attention, fostering academic excellence and holistic growth are a part of IGCSE home tuitions.


Empower your global aspirations with IB coaching in Mumbai with best IB Tutors. Experienced educators, customized study plans, and regular assessments drive success. Developing critical thinking, research skills, and character while preparing for this rigorous international curriculum.


‘A’ Level

Excel in ‘A’ Level exams with Wisdom Academy’s coaching. Specialized faculty, in-depth curriculum, and mock exams optimize performance. Master subjects, and hone analytical abilities, and gain university application support for a well-rounded academic journey.

What Defines Us

Wisdom Academy has been in the IB, IGCSE and ‘A’ Level education field for more than 15 years and constantly strive to be the best in the sector. With our best IGCSE classes in Andheri experience in advanced teaching methodologies aided by our professional and dedicated teachers, we have been proudly producing top-ranking students year after year. With the best IGCSE classes in India, we aim to be the go-to solution for all needs of the students.

IGCSE Tuition in Mumbai

In the heart of Mumbai’s bustling educational landscape, Wisdom Academy stands as a beacon of quality and excellence, offering a comprehensive range of coaching programs tailored to meet the unique needs of students pursuing the IGCSE, IB, and ‘A’ Level curricula. With a rich history of nurturing young minds and guiding them toward academic success, Wisdom Academy has become a trusted name in international education within the city.

IGCSE Classes in Mumbai (Best IGCSE Classes Near me)

Wisdom Academy takes pride in being a pioneer in providing top-notch IGCSE classes in Mumbai. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum is renowned for its rigorous and balanced approach to education, fostering critical thinking, research skills, and independent learning. Recognizing the significance of this globally recognized qualification, Wisdom Academy has meticulously crafted specialized IGCSE classes in Mumbai that align with the IGCSE framework.

At Wisdom Academy, IGCSE students are immersed in a dynamic learning environment, where experienced educators utilize innovative teaching methodologies to make complex concepts relatable and understandable. Their IGCSE coaching in Mumbai & IGCSE home tuitions has a well-structured curriculum that covers a wide array of subjects like Mathematics, English Language, Biology, History, Chemistry, Art and Design, enabling students to not only excel in their examinations but also develop a deeper understanding of the subjects they study.

‘A’ Level Classes in Mumbai (Best ‘A’ Level Tuition Classes Near Me)

Wisdom Academy, renowned for its exceptional IGCSE coaching in Mumbai, goes above and beyond to uphold its commitment to academic excellence. The institution not only excels in providing top-notch coaching for the International Baccalaureate (IB) and ‘A’ Level curricula but stands out with its dedication to fostering the intellectual growth of students through comprehensive IB classes in Mumbai, recognized as the provider of the best A level tuition classes in Mumbai. 

The A level coaching in Mumbai offered by Wisdom Academy is meticulously designed to go beyond traditional teaching methods, aiming to challenge students and equip them with the essential skills needed for success in today’s rapidly evolving global landscape. Emphasizing a student-centric approach, the ‘A’ Level classes in Mumbai and IB coaching adopt strategies that promote critical thinking, inquiry, and overall academic development.

The distinctive feature of Wisdom Academy’s A level coaching in Mumbai approach is its laser focus on guiding students to excel in crucial components such as Internal Assessments (IA) and Extended Essay (EE) through specialized IB coaching. This targeted guidance ensures that students not only grasp the theoretical foundations of subjects but also learn to apply their knowledge effectively.

The ‘A’ Level classes in Mumbai and IB coaching sessions are characterized by a dynamic blend of interactive lectures, collaborative projects, and hands-on learning experiences. This multifaceted approach for providing the best A level tuition classes in Mumbai empowers students to delve deeply into subjects such as Physics, Economics, Sociology, Geography, Psychology, Business Studies (for ‘A’ Level), and Mathematics, English Literature, Biology, History, Chemistry, Visual Arts (for IB). Through this immersive learning environment, Wisdom Academy cultivates a well-rounded perspective, enabling students to flourish academically and develop a holistic understanding of various disciplines.

IBDP Classes in Mumbai - (Best IB Tuition Classes Near Me)

Wisdom Academy stands at the pinnacle of academic excellence, offering the best International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) classes in Mumbai. Renowned for its commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals, the institution takes pride in providing unparalleled guidance and support to students pursuing the challenging IBDP curriculum by offering the best IBDP coaching in Mumbai.

At Wisdom Academy, the IBDP classes are crafted to transcend conventional teaching methods. They understand the unique demands of the IBDP and have tailored the approach to ensure that students not only meet but exceed expectations. Their dedicated faculty, comprised of experienced educators, is committed to instilling in students the critical thinking skills, academic rigor, and global perspectives essential for success in the competitive landscape of today’s world.

What sets Wisdom Academy apart as the best IBDP classes in Mumbai is its holistic approach to education. To offer the best IBDP tuition classes in Mumbai, they go beyond the curriculum, fostering an environment where students are encouraged to explore, question, and engage in intellectual discourse. Their emphasis on inquiry-based learning equips students with the ability to think independently and tackle real-world challenges with confidence.

In addition to comprehensive subject coverage, their IBDP coaching in Mumbai prioritizes the development of crucial skills such as effective communication, research proficiency, and time management. They recognize the significance of Internal Assessments (IA) and Extended Essay (EE) while providing IBDP tuition classes in Mumbai, and their specialized IBDP classes in Mumbai ensures that students excel in these components, setting them on a path to academic excellence.

Notable Features of Wisdom Academy's IGCSE, IB, and ‘A’ Level Coaching in Mumbai

Experienced & Specialized Faculty

Tailored Curriculum

Personalized Attention

Interactive Teaching Methodologies

Regular Assessments and Mock Exams

Comprehensive Study Resources

Holistic Skill Development

Engaging Learning Environment

Proven Success

Our Teaching Methodologies

Wisdom Academy’s coaching process is designed to provide a comprehensive and effective learning experience for students pursuing IGCSE, IB, and ‘A’ Level curricula. Our well-defined teaching methodologies ensure that students receive personalized guidance, develop critical thinking skills, and excel in their academic pursuits.

Assessment and Customization

Conceptual Learning

Interactive Sessions

Practice and Application

Continuous Assessment

Supplementary Resources

Life Skills Integration

Peer Learning and Collaboration

Expert Faculty Engagement

Holistic Development

Why Choose Us?

Expert Faculty

Experienced educators specialized in IGCSE, IB, and ‘A’ Level curricula ensure top-tier coaching.

Personalized Approach

Small class sizes and customized study plans cater to individual learning needs.

Comprehensive Support

Holistic skill development, regular assessments, and supplementary resources enhance academic success.

Proven Results

Consistent track record of producing high-achieving students who excel in exams and gain admission to prestigious universities worldwide.
Wisdom Academy's Home Tuition/Group Tuition Advantage

Wisdom Academy's Home Tuition/Group Tuition Advantage

Among Top 10 IGCSE Classes in Mumbai

Wisdom Academy as the best IGCSE classes in Mumbai also provides expert Online Coaching for IB, IGCSE and ‘A’ Level to students based outside Mumbai, whether they are based in India or anywhere else in the world. We have provided the best IGCSE classes in Andheri to many students all over the world from countries such as UAE, Brazil, Spain, London (UK), Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.

Test Preparation


The SAT which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States.

Pearson Edexcel

Pearson Edexcel, is a British multinational education and examination body and the only privately owned examination board in the United Kingdom.

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) is a rigorous academic program that gives motivated secondary/high school students the opportunity university-level studies.
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What people say about us

We are very grateful to Wisdom Academy’s faculty team for the inspiration and the guidance that they extended towards Akhil which led him to achieve perfect score in his IB exams. Such a brilliant team of professors are not found very often. We offer our best wishes to Wisdom Academy in their quest to impart quality education.
Akhil Jain’s Mother

Akhil Jain’s Mother

Akhil Jain - Jamnabai International School (IB)
I was so happy when I heard the news of Renuka’s IB exam results. I want to thank all the professors at Wisdom Academy who offered complete guidance and mentoring to Renuka, because of which she was able to get such excellent result. Thank you for your contribution Wisdom Academy.
Renuka Chopra’s Father

Renuka Chopra’s Father

Renuka Chopra - Oberoi International School (IB)
I thank the faculty team of Wisdom Academy for always going out of their way to help Manali. The personalized attention they provide has helped her achieve excellent results in her IGCSE exams. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Wisdom Academy.
Manali Roy’s Mother

Manali Roy’s Mother

Manali Roy - Podar International School (IGCSE)
I wholeheartedly appreciate all the efforts taken by Wisdom Academy for all the students. We are very happy that Atul was able to score such good marks in his IGCSE exams. There are many classes who just teach but Wisdom Academy supports the students in every aspect of their study. I will most definitely recommend Wisdom Academy to students of IGCSE if they want excellence and success.
Father of Atul Vyas

Father of Atul Vyas

Atul Vyas – D G Khetan International School (IGCSE)
Thank you so much Wisdom Academy, for always believing in my child and pushing him to achieve the best. The constant efforts of your faculty team helped bring out the best in him and helped him achieve phenomenal success in his ‘A’ Levels.
Siddharth Rana’s Mother

Siddharth Rana’s Mother

Siddharth Rana - Bombay Cambridge International School (‘A’ Level)

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    Wisdom Academy’s coaching programs are tailored to prepare students for the IGCSE, IB, and ‘A’ Level examinations. Our focus goes beyond exams, emphasizing critical thinking, ok conceptual understanding, and holistic skill development.

    Our coaching programs are led by experienced and specialized educators who possess in-depth knowledge of the IGCSE, IB, and ‘A’ Level curricula. They bring passion and expertise to create an engaging learning environment.

    Classes are conducted through interactive sessions, discussions, case studies, multimedia presentations, and hands-on activities. This approach promotes active student participation and enhances subject understanding.

    With small class sizes, our instructors can focus on individual student needs, provide prompt doubt resolution, and tailor teaching methods to different learning styles.

    Yes, we conduct regular assessments, including tests, quizzes, and mock exams, to gauge student progress, identify areas for improvement, and familiarize students with the examination format.

    Wisdom Academy offers a comprehensive range of study materials, including textbooks, practice papers, worksheets, and supplementary resources. These materials complement classroom instruction and support self-study efforts.

    Alongside academics, we emphasize essential life skills such as communication, time management, and research. This approach prepares students for success beyond exams and in various aspects of life.
    Yes, collaborative projects, study groups, and workshops encourage peer-to-peer learning, fostering a sense of community and enhancing teamwork.
    Wisdom Academy has a consistent track record of producing high-achieving students who excel in IGCSE, IB, and ‘A’ Level examinations. Many alumni have gained admission to prestigious universities globally.
    To enroll, you can contact our admissions team, visit our website, or visit our center for more information about program details, schedules, and enrollment procedures.
    Wisdom Academy stands out for its expert faculty, personalized attention, interactive teaching methods, comprehensive support, and proven results, making it a premier choice for IGCSE, IB, and ‘A’ Level coaching in Mumbai.

    Do IGCSE students need tuition?

    While IGCSE curriculum is designed to be manageable and easily understood, some students may find it difficult to keep up with the coursework or need additional support to achieve their desired grades. In such cases, top IGCSE classes in India can be a helpful way to bridge the gap and gain extra help.

    Best IGCSE classes in Borivali can provide additional support to students who need it, helping them to stay on track with their coursework and achieve their desired grades. Tuition can also provide individual attention to each student, addressing their specific learning needs and helping them to develop effective study habits.

    What are the typical IGCSE tuition fee structure classes in Mumbai?

    The IGCSE private tuition fees tuition classes in Mumbai vary depending on several factors such as the reputation of the tuition provider, the level of expertise of the best IGCSE classes in Borivali, the duration of the top IGCSE classes in Mumbai, and the location of the tuition center. The IGCSE classes fees depend on the number of subjects as well.

    What should I look for in a good IGCSE tuition provider?

    When looking for a good IGCSE tuition provider, consider the following factors:

    1. Reputation and experience of the top IGCSE classes in Andheri and IGCSE home tutors in Mumbai

    2. Availability of one-on-one and/or group tuition options in top IGCSE classes in Andheri

    3. Flexibility in scheduling and location of top IGCSE classes in Mumbai

    4. Availability of study materials and practice exams in the top IGCSE classes in Borivali

    5. Success rate of previous students in achieving their desired grades with the top IGCSE classes in Borivali

    6. Cost and value for money


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