Is it hard to get an A * in IGCSE?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is renowned for its strong academic standards and broad range of topic offerings. IGCSE is an important stepping stone in a student’s academic career because it is widely recognized by institutions and companies around the world.

Is it really hard to get an A* in IGCSE?

Scoring high in IGCSE can be challenging due to its comprehensive curriculum and rigorous examination format. It assesses not only knowledge but also critical thinking and application of concepts. Additionally, students often take multiple subjects, requiring effective time management and in-depth understanding, making achieving top scores a bit more demanding.

Some subjects might come more naturally to you, making it easier to secure an A. Others might require more time and effort. It’s crucial to understand the syllabus thoroughly and practice past papers to get a sense of the exam format.

However, with the right approach and a bit of dedication, it’s definitely achievable. In this blog, we’ll explore some tips and strategies to help you excel in your IGCSE exams.

How to score an A* in the IGCSE board?

Let’s face it, getting an A* on the IGCSE boards might be a little intimidating. But don’t worry; you’ll find some advice and strategies below to assist you ace these tests. So grab your favorite food, relax, and let’s get started!

Understanding the IGCSE:

First things first – Students often take the IGCSE, or International General Certificate of Secondary Education, when they are between the ages of 16 and 18. It is generally acknowledged by universities and employers worldwide and is comparable to the UK’s GCSE.

Stay Organized:

Organization is key to success in any exam, and IGCSE is no exception. Create a study schedule that suits your style and stick to it. Having a clear plan will help you cover all your subjects without feeling overwhelmed.

Subject Selection:

Pick your subjects wisely. Choose subjects that you’re passionate about and align with your future goals. It’s easier to excel in subjects you enjoy.

Quality Over Quantity:

Don’t aim to study everything under the sun. Focus on understanding concepts deeply rather than trying to memorize everything. IGCSE exams often test your understanding and application of knowledge, so be prepared to think critically.


Get hold of quality books and study resources. Make use of online resources, practice exams, and revision manuals. Asking for advice from your lecturers is a good idea because they are there to assist you.

Study Groups: 

Study groups are very beneficial. Complex concepts can be better understood by talking about them with peers. Just watch that it doesn’t become a social gathering!

Practice, Practice, Practice:

Practice makes perfect, they say. Solve as many past papers as you can. It helps you get familiar with the exam format and time management.

Time Management:

Speaking of time management, practice it too! During the exam, allocate time wisely to each section. Don’t spend too long on one question; move on and come back later if needed.

Healthy Habits: 

Always keep in mind that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Get enough rest, eat well, and work out frequently. You’ll be able to remain attentive and concentrated.

Stress Management:

Exam stress is normal, but try not to let it control you. To keep calm, practice relaxation methods like meditation or deep breathing.

Exam Day:

On the big day, make sure you have all your necessary materials ready – ID, stationery, and admit card. Arrive at the exam center early to avoid unnecessary stress.

During the exam, read the instructions carefully, and pace yourself. If you get stuck on a question, don’t panic; move on and return to it later. Stay focused and manage your time wisely.


So, there you have it – a casual guide to acing your IGCSE board exams. 

Remember, it’s not about being the smartest, but about being well-prepared and confident. Stay organized, study effectively, and take care of your physical and mental well-being. You’ve got this!

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