Benefits of Online Tutors in Mumbai

Benefits of Online Tutors in Mumbai

Benefits of Online Tutors in Mumbai

All parents want to make sure that their children get quality education since it has immense importance in the long run. Their academic performance along with the knowledge and skills that they acquire, all depends on the quality of education that children get. Parents want their children to get an in-depth understanding and thorough knowledge of their subjects which they might not always get in schools. 

This leads a lot of parents to look out for private home tutors so that their children can get the best coaching. Although in today’s times, people have started to lean towards online tutoring because they are slowly understanding the benefits associated with Online Tutoring. But because of these options, many parents are unsure which one to opt for, when it comes to choosing between two types of tutoring: Online tuitions and Home tuitions. 

Technology has gained a lot of prominence in our schools and learning institutions, and Online Tuition has become an industry in its own right. Online tutoring expands beyond the constraints of school learning. Many recent studies have shown that instructional technology like online educational portals is being used more than ever before, and online tutoring provides benefits that extend beyond just coaching a child.

Online tutoring has started to include effective features of traditional teaching and learning experience, but at the same time ensuring a deeper understanding of the subject matter for the child with the help of well-trained and expert tutors, research-based resources, personalized coaching, and other supplemental activities that understand the needs of the students, and to meet their coaching needs. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of online Tutoring as compared to those of Home Tutoring.

Benefits of Online Tutoring are listed below: 

Convenience: Online classes can be attended from anywhere. You just need a computer and a smartphone supported by a stable internet connection. It saves the time and cost of transportation. Another major advantage is that students can go by their own time and pace to do their course work.

Flexibility: One major benefit of Online Tutoring is the flexibility of time which it affords. You get to learn and study while being in the comfort and safety of your home.

Review Material: Students have the access of going through the same material over and over again. They can re-watch lectures, repeat any exercise or test they did not nail, they can discuss and solve doubts by interacting with other students on forums.

Only a click away: Online tuitions are now accessible to students in just one click. You just have to attend those regularly to excel in your studies.

Cost-effective: Online tutoring options are best when it comes to investing in tuition fees. It allows even those with a relatively economically backward status to quality education and coaching and levels the playing field for all.

Digital Learning experience: It opens up the limitless digital world to students and helps them become tech-savvy. Online tutoring helps the students by allowing them to experience and explore the world of the internet.

Engagement: Online Tutoring increases the engagement of the students as it allows them to interact with the study material. Interactive tools enable the children to get a visual understanding of theoretical concepts, which can be very beneficial for certain subjects. This increases a student’s motivation to learn. 

Self-accountability: Online studying makes the students independent and responsible for their performance and grades. It gives the students the freedom to self-analyse their performance to take ownership of the mistakes they made and thereby motivates them to work more independently to improve on them.

Benefits of Home Tutoring:

  • Home Tuitions allow the student the advantage of getting a better clarity in understanding the concepts.
  • One-On-One attention is offered to every student that helps in their personality development as well. 
  • Opting for Home tuitions helps in revising and reviewing lessons already taught in the school for finer understanding and better retention.
  • It is the best way to save time for not only the child but also for the parents. 
  • It is a convenient option as the student does not have to leave the confines of his/her home.
  • Home tutors assist students to devise an efficient and well-organized strategy for approaching the medical entrance exam. 

Wisdom Academy’s Online Coaching for IB

Wisdom Academy also provides expert Online Coaching for IB students based outside Mumbai, whether they are bases in India or anywhere else in the world. We have provided online tuitions to many students all over the world from countries such as UAE, Brazil, Spain, London (UK), Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. 

We offer guidance and preparation for various exams of international calibre, the results of which are considered of prime importance for acceptance in colleges and universities in the US and other colleges internationally. Our Online Tuitions and Home Tuitions for these tests ensure the student gets one-to-one teaching and learning from expert tutors.

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