IB Classes in Mumbai by Wisdom Academy

IB Classes in Mumbai by Wisdom Academy

Wisdom Academy is fully dedicated to understanding the requirement of the students. Our IB tutors in Mumbai recognize the exact needs of the students and begin their teaching with a thorough assessment of the knowledge a student has along with analysing the areas of weakness to decide the best way to approach these issues.

After completion of the assessment, our IB tutors make a well-curated teaching and study plan based on the student’s needs to provide maximum benefit to each student. Our tutors always tailor the pace of their teaching according to the pace of understanding of the students, enabling them to speed up and slow down as per the student’s preferences.

Our IB tutors give the students a comprehensive understanding of the format and expectations of the IB curriculum, ensuring they face their exams with confidence and deliver the best performance with exam oriented strategy.

Having small batches of 5-10 students helps in providing the students with complete undivided attention, while also being available for contact regarding any doubts or issues at any given time. Our tutors consistently monitor the student’s learning status, check their progress and provide them with feedback which proves highly beneficial and helps in boosting their confidence at all times while also providing them with accurate information about their performance.

At Wisdom Academy, we offer guidance and preparation for various exams of international calibre, the results of which are considered of prime importance for acceptance in colleges and universities in the US and other colleges internationally. Our Group Tuitions and Home Tuitions for these tests ensure the student gets one-to-one teaching and learning from expert tutors.

Here are some Highlights of our IB Classes in Mumbai:

Focus on Quality rather than Quantity

Our Group tuitions are in small batches of 5-10 students only. This ensures individual attention to all the needs of every student, which helps in quick doubt solving and instant clarity in understanding. We provide group tuitions at our IB classes in Andheri and also at our IB classes in Borivali.

Establishing a Strong Rapport with students

Developing a strong rapport with students to establish a trusting relationship with them is a vital part of teaching for any tutor, especially for IB Diploma tutors. It builds a strong link between the teacher and students allowing them to freely discuss any queries or doubts with their teacher without any hesitation and it also helps the tutor to understand and solve their problems more efficiently.

Superior Learning Techniques

We use advanced teaching methodologies to inspire the students in such a way that it boosts their morale and self-confidence thereby unlocking their full potential which results in academic excellence. We work towards the overall development of our students by turning their weaknesses into strengths.

Continuous support to students

Clear objectives are set forth by our IB tutors before they teach every lesson and they make sure to give their best effort to meet those specific objectives during each class. Wisdom Academy’s IB tutors are professionals with the expertise of teaching all concepts in the IB curriculum. They are well prepared to clear any doubt or query raised by the students and keep the study material interesting for the students.

Excellent Study Material

Our excellent study material includes notes made by the faculty themselves and includes daily practice tests helping the students gain a thorough understanding of even the toughest IB concepts and helps in their learning and proper revision.

Comprehensive Testing

Our tutors follow the practice of asking questions from topics that were taught previously to help the students revise the concepts in the class itself. This is followed by taking daily and weekly tests. Regular assessments and periodic test series are taken to ensure students get good practice to face the tough exam and help them get a good score.

Constant source of expert feedback

Our tutors consistently monitor the student’s learning status, check their progress and provide them with feedback which proves highly beneficial and helps in boosting their confidence at all times while also providing them with accurate information about their performance.

Transparent communication with Parents

Wisdom Academy’s IB Tutors regularly keep the parents informed by keeping them aware of their ward’s performance in the tests and their overall academic progress and help the students in solving any problems that they encounter while learning. Our home tutors are available to talk with parents to help solve any difficulties their ward might be facing while studying. A meeting to discuss the child’s progress can also be set up between the parents and tutors if the need arises.

Complete and Thorough Preparation for IB

We give complete guidance in preparing Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), and for Internal Assessment (IA) for IB students. Since the best resource for the preparation of IA or EE is time, we encourage our IB students to make an early start by giving them sufficient time and attention for understanding and planning out the task.

Consistency in Successful Results

With our experience in advanced teaching methodologies for IB coaching aided by our professional and dedicated teachers, Wisdom Academy helps the students to get a clear understanding of every topic of syllabus and is proudly producing top-ranking students year after year.

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