A Level Classes in Mumbai

A Level Exams
The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE Advanced Level), commonly known as the A Level, is a school leaving qualification by educational bodies in the United Kingdom and the British Crown dependencies for students who are about to complete their secondary or pre-university education. Countries such as Kenya, Singapore, Zimbabwe and Mauritius have formed similar qualifications with the same name and format as the A Levels.

The course is two years long, covers four modules and is divided into two parts- the Advanced Subsidiary Level (or AS Level) and the A2 Level.

A Level qualification will be achieved by those who finish both AS and A2 Level. Otherwise the AS Level is a qualification on its own.

Students usually need to take up minimum four papers at the AS Level and can drop the fourth subject for the A2 Level. However, some choose to continue with the fourth paper in their second year of study.

Students are free to choose from amongst a wide variety of subjects

A Level Courses
Subjects Offered:
• Accounting
• Biology
• Business Studies
• Chemistry
• Computing
• Critical Thinking
• Economics
• Electronics
• English Language
• English Literature
• Environmental Studies/Technology
• French
• General Studies
• Geography
• History
• History of Art (and Design)
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Psychology
• Sociology
• Statistics
Wisdom Academy’s A LEVEL classes in Mumbai and A LEVEL trained home tutors in Mumbai are preparing students successfully for various subjects of AS and A level.
Our focus is on our best A level home tutors in Mumbai as they specialize in courses that are an inevitable part of the examination


The values that govern our best A level classes in Mumbai are:

  • Tolerance and respect for the view of every student in our academic care
  • Academic sincerity as well as accountability for all the actions
  • Attention to the issues of national relevance and international concern
  • The breadth of comprehending, including knowledge of the human sciences
  • Appreciation of the intellectual creativity and excellence


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